The Big Screen TV Issue: Future-Proof Design For Your New Entertainment Center.

Large screen plasma or lcd tv designed into a custom home media wallYou’re thinking about a new custom home entertainment center and you’re also thinking about upgrading to a new larger LCD or LED TV later on.  So how do you make sure that new TV will fit properly into the design of your entertainment center?  With a DAGR Design entertainment center it’s easy.

Floating Panel Or Niche, We’ve Got You Covered.

Contemporary custom home entertainment center design featuring a large screen plasma or LCD TV displayWhen we design your new custom home entertainment center your big screen TV is obviously a big consideration.  We have two design options that make the whole process easier.  A niche places your TV into the overall design, making it integral to other elements like lighted display niches and shelves.  Our unique Floating Panel Design brings your TV out front-and-center as the hero of the show.  It’s also great when you need to angle your screen for viewing from other areas of the room.

A niche design can be adjusted down the road should you upgrade to a larger TV.  And, if your change in TV size isn’t too dramatic, a Floating Panel Design can also accommodate changes quite well.

There really is no right or wrong option here.  There is the one that fits your needs better.  And a DAGR Design consultant can give you the best guidance.

More Home Theater and Entertainment Center Design Innovations.

The Floating Panel TV is just one design innovation from DAGR Design.  We’ve created hundreds of custom drywall entertainment centers for happy customers in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and all over Arizona. If you’re interested in your own custom home theater, media room, or entertainment center, schedule a free in-home design consultation today or contact us for pre-sales questions and more info.