Eliminate The Guesswork With A 3D Design Of Your Home Entertainment Center Project.

There is always a bit of stress and apprehension when you embark on any construction project for your home, particularly a custom project.  How will it look? Will it fit my room properly? Are all my wishes and needs being taken into account? How does accent lighting affect my design? You have questions.  We have the answers in full 3D.

Visualize Your Home Theater or Entertainment Center In Full 3D Before It’s Built.

We take the guesswork out of your custom home entertainment center or custom home theater design by producing a true-to-life, three-dimensional rendering of your project before it’s built.  Now you can preview your project in full color with 3D views complete with material textures, colors and finishes.  Our 3D renderings are produced in realistic detail right down to the highlights on the TV screen and the glow of accent lighting.  Now you can virtually “see” your project come to life and feel comfortable with the outcome before the installation begins.

A Few Home Theater and Entertainment Center 3D Design Examples.

Below is just a tiny fraction of our design portfolio, intended to give you a true sense of how realistic our 3D design rendering can be.  Click on each rendering to view the final project as built.

3D computer design rendering of a custom home entertainment center design project by DAGR Design

3D design rendering of a Southwest-style home entertainment center with accent lighted niches by DAGR Design

3D computer rendering of a home theater with multiple=

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