A Beautiful New Custom Media Wall In A Round Room

At DAGR we love tough design challenges — whether it’s adding a new custom media wall to a round room, or creating a clean, modern minimalist media wall design for an entryway — we’re always ready to push design boundaries and respond to the specific needs of every homeowner.

We’re also up for creating designs that feel like they’ve always been there. Designs that just “feel” right and add to the enjoyment of your home.

What Does This Mean For You?

A Custom Design Means You DON’T Have To Compromise.

Uncompromising design and construction quality are two of the many advantages of custom media wall design. Every day we create solutions that are specific to your needs and to the way you live your life and enjoy your home. You don’t have to compromise or “get it mostly right” with a custom design. You can get it exactly right.

And THAT is the most valuable aspect of custom design in the long run.

Customer Testimonial:

A Beautiful Design In A Round Room. Done.

As our client says, the great room in this project “posed an interesting problem for DAGR Design…” We worked with the client to provide our design guidance, and our ideas and suggestions, together with their wants and needs. The result is a stunning addition to their home that, by the client’s own admission, “receives many “WOW” compliments from visitors.”

“Our custom home was completed in 2006. The great room posed an interesting problem for DAGR Design as it is a round room of 24 foot diameter. Dave certainly met the challenge! The wall is amazing, as they integrated their design ideas with the existing southwest style Kiva (fireplace).


DAGR installed the TV and all the components in an especially built armoire located in the master bedroom, behind the great room wall. They additionally built a beautiful wall integrating with the kiva in the master bedroom. The components of which are also stored in the armoire.”

Southwest Style Custom Media Wall Design with Kiva Fireplace

The Same Uncompromising Service Extends To A/V Equipment Selection And Installation

As a full-service provider of custom media wall design and audio/video equipment sales and installation, our core value of uncompromising quality also extends to the quality of the A/V equipment we recommend, how it’s installed, and the service we provide after the sale.

“Dependability is so important and DAGR Design certainly gets 100 gold stars for that! Over the years we have had component changes and upgrades and their service has been impeccable. Dennis installed the systems and amazingly, he remembers everything he did 10 years ago.”


“DAGR Design is the best! We bless the day we saw their ad in Phoenix Magazine. They are professional, innovative, efficient, and fun to work with.”

“We have received many “WOW” compliments from people who enter our home.”

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