Design Innovation: Floating Shelves Custom Media Wall Design

Collectibles. Sculptures. Glass art. Pottery.

If you have gathered your own collection of personal art — or any artifact or collectible that’s special to you, from glass to pottery — a custom media wall, incorporating our innovative (and often copied) “floating shelves“, is a beautiful way to display those special items.

Creating a focal point in your home for the items that are special to you is a big reason why our floating shelves custom media wall design concepts are so popular with homeowners.

This is an original DAGR Design innovation that simply can’t be duplicated in a generic, “one size fits all” media wall design.

Every collection is different. Your collection is different. Which is why your collection deserves a custom design solution. The floating shelves design concept enables your design specialist to showcase your collection in groupings or individually within a specific space that is ideally suited to your art. It’s ultimate personalization, and yet another reason custom design holds such a special advantage. 

Give Your Personal Art Collections The Prominence They Deserve With A Floating Shelves Custom Media Wall Design.

A floating shelves custom media wall design using hardwood shelves with undershelf lighting

Adding innovative “floating shelves” to your custom media wall creates a beautiful focal point for items that are special to you.

The Floating Shelf Design Concept Offers Flexibility In Materials And Design.

Your custom media wall floating shelves can be created from almost any species of hardwood, reclaimed lumber, and drywall. Drywall floating shelves offer an extra measure of flexibility since they can take on many shapes and surface details and can be more easily fitted with lighting to highlight your treasures. And, since they’re painted, drywall floating shelves can become as bold or as subtle as you like — fitting in or standing out in your living room, family room, or media room.

Drywall floating shelves designed into a custom media wall home entertainment center

Drywall floating shelves offer an extra degree of customization

Add Floating Shelves To Your Custom Media Wall Design.

When it’s time to start your custom media wall design project, consider the art and personal treasures that give extra meaning to your home and incorporate a special space just for them into your custom design.

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