Modern Media Wall Designs Are A Trending Choice for DAGR Clients.


Modern home entertainment media wall design with contemporary fireplace by DAGR Design

While Southwest style media wall design and custom media walls with natural stone are perennial favorites for home entertainment centers here at DAGR, we’ve also recognized a growing trend toward more modern, contemporary media wall designs.

Many experts point out that modern design themes exert a calming influence on an interior. Perhaps then, modern design’s increasing popularity is an antidote to our busy, on-the-go lifestyles. Whatever the motivation, if you’re a fan of modern design, and it’s an aesthetic that fits your vision and lifestyle — we say go for it.

Modern Media Wall Designs Are The Perfect Fit For Custom Design.

Modern media wall design with long, modern fireplace

The “less is more” aesthetic of modern media wall design makes proportion and material choice more important than ever. A big advantage for custom design.

Modern and other contemporary design trends fit the heart of our custom design philosophy perfectly. Since we’re not selling pre-designed, factory showroom concepts, we’re free to work closely with you to create one-of-a-kind modern custom media walls and contemporary home entertainment centers with the look and feel that you envision. Nothing prefab here. And, with a custom design, we can truly make it fit your space as if your new media wall had been living there since your home was built.

A difficult feat with a pre-fabricated design.

Modern Media Wall Design Doesn’t Have To Be Stark or Cold.

A modern media wall with stone and a warm color palette by DAGR Design

A modern media wall design needn’t be cold or stark. Stone, other natural materials, and warm colors are all perfectly at home in a contemporary media wall design.

While modern design, particularly modern minimalist, may adhere to a “less is more” guiding principle to some degree, that doesn’t mean the rules are entirely inflexible. Like most “rules” in design, these are also made to be broken.

Nothing in the modern design playbook eliminates warmth and texture — particularly in the Southwest.

The warmth, patinas, and natural textures of fine hardwoods, natural or cultured stone, and metals are all important aspects of our design palette at DAGR, and they are all equally at home in a contemporary media wall design.

Graceful Proportions Become Even More Important With Modern Entertainment Centers.

If you’ve browsed popular home design idea galleries or spent more than a minute captivated by Pinterest, you have undoubtedly encountered a wide range of modern design media walls.

While many designs are classically beautiful examples of the aesthetic, others just don’t have the pleasing, calming quality of modern design.

It’s all about proportion. You can’t always define it. But you know when it’s not right.

When you consider that much of modern design is about what is not there as it is about what is there, carefully designed proportions become an even more important aspect of a pleasing design. When stripped down to the basic elements, if the proportions of a modern media wall design aren’t right, the design doesn’t feel right. And no amount of extra adornment is going to change that feeling. Getting those proportions right is another major advantage to custom design.

Check out our design gallery to discover your design inspiration.

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