Creating Your Vision Of The Perfect Custom Home Entertainment Center.

Promo intro graphic for custom design process info page.We work with you closely, from your first phone call. Taking the guesswork out of your vision of the perfect entertainment center, home theater, or media wall is our goal.

Our step-by-step process puts you in complete control of your project.

Free In-Home Design Consultation.

When you contact us, we schedule a convenient time for a design consultation in your home to help you define the “big picture” and details of your project – everything from TV sizes, stereo equipment, and storage requirements, to the display of your artwork, collectibles, and lighting.  Your design consultant has the skill and expertise to help determine your design style and how a new entertainment center will best fit your room. Design inspiration, in the form of our Look Book, will also help define your likes, dislikes, and the specifics of your design.

The Project Estimate.

Once the scope of your project is defined, your design consultant will provide a project estimate. Of course, you are under no obligation to move forward if your project estimate doesn’t meet your expectations.

Your Project Agreement.

Once you’ve approved your project estimate we prepare a written Project Agreement. The Project Agreement documents the description of your project, what we provide, our responsibilities, your responsibilities, and a general timeline. At this point, we collect signatures on your Project Agreement and a $500 earnest deposit to guarantee your position on our calendar.

Scheduling Your “Build Spot”.

After your Project Agreement is signed, we coordinate with you to schedule your project into our production work-flow.  We adhere to a strict production schedule that helps guarantee a start date. When we say we’ll begin on Monday at 8:00 am, we’ll be at your door on Monday at 8:00 am.

The Project Design Process.

A home entertainment center design professional takes all the information from your design consultation to create the ideal entertainment center, home theater, or media wall.  Our unique 3D home entertainment center design process gives you a “virtual view” of how your design could look* Our 3D renderings help take much of the guesswork and apprehension out of the design process.

Your design consultant will typically present a design option that best fits the architecture of your home, your interior décor, your style, and your needs.  The design presentation is done in in the convenience of your home so questions can be answered immediately to reduce stress and indecision.

Final Build & Quality Assurance.

Once your design is approved, your final build date is confirmed and the last stage of your project begins.  Our craftsmen and installers are clean, courteous professionals who respect your home and your sanity by showing up on time, working carefully and maintaining a clean environment. Site clean up is conducted each day and we maintain normal business hours at your home for minimum disruptions. Usually, within 14 working days ( stone may take additional time depending on type and amount) of your build start date, you can look forward to a brand new custom home entertainment center, home theater, or media room.

A final quality assurance check is conducted to make sure you are 100% satisfied with everything about your new entertainment center.

Our Work Is 100% Guaranteed.

We stand behind both our work and our commitment to you. Your 100% satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Our one simple rule — “if it isn’t right, we’ll fix it.” 



While our virtual 3D designs are as close as current technology allows, they are designed approximations of how your final design may look. Elements like colors, patterns, finishes, textures, and other details may not be 100% accurate due to limitations in computer displays, color fidelity, and rendering technology. Options implied or discussed such as paint colors, finishes, metal, stone, etc are NOT included in the contract unless written and priced accordingly on the final cost sheet for approval.