Redesigning An Existing Media Wall


While we’ve worked very hard over the past decade to build our reputation as one of Arizona’s leading custom media wall design/build firms, our work doesn’t stop at original custom designs. We are also often commissioned to redesign existing media walls for clients all over the valley.

Why Redesign An Existing Media Wall?

A custom media wall designed from scratch isn’t always the best, or most cost-effective, solution for every homeowners’ situation — different clients have different needs.

Many times the “bones” of an existing media wall may have served your family well. But — an upgrade to a new, larger TV, the redesign of an existing interior, or a home sale prompts the reimagining of an existing media wall. These considerations make redesigning an existing media wall the perfect option. And at DAGR, we’re always up to the task.

Redesigns can be daunting. Good guidance is crucial.

Determining which design elements stay and which must go can be challenging, but the process is also an ideal opportunity to add both design features and much-needed functionality such as; custom lighted niches to showcase new collectibles, enhanced storage options, or dramatic visual touches like stacked stone or a modern fireplace.

The possibilities are endless — and potentially very confusing — which is where our 3D Design Process really can save the day. You can envision your new redesigned media wall in full 3D in your exact home environment. Our 3D Design Process makes it easier to view design options and make confident decisions. It also helps you to avoid costly mistakes that often come with retrofitting equipment and design elements.


The original design with kiva style fireplace and AV components as part of the original home design.

The dramatic DAGR transformation of the same space.


Is Redesigning An Existing Media Wall Appropriate For You? 

There are times when a redesign project just isn’t appropriate and can actually be more expensive than simply starting from scratch. Demolition and retrofitting do have associated costs.

Your DAGR Media Wall Design Consultant is uniquely qualified to help you determine if a redesign is appropriate for your needs or if a completely new “from scratch” design is actually the more cost-effective solution for you.

Ready to get started on your new media wall? Schedule a free in-home design consultation today.  

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