Stacked Stone Media Wall Design

Cultured stacked stone media wall design with inset stone accent and shelf columns custom designed by DAGR Design

Natural or cultured stone can be used as an accent or as a dominant focal point in any stacked stone custom media wall project. The design possibilities are endless.

At DAGR we’ve offered stacked stone media wall design in both natural and cultured stone (man-made in forms from lightweight concrete) in our home entertainment center designs for years.

Stacked stone media wall design, whether the stone takes a commanding role in the design, or it’s used as an accent, is a perennial favorite with homeowners’ across the valley and just seems to fit with the Southwest lifestyle perfectly.

Stacked Stone Is A Design Element That Works In Any Style Home.

Stone, installed properly by an experienced, talented stone mason (make no mistake, it’s an art), adds such an obvious organic element and texture to a home entertainment center — it simply looks and feels beautiful and gives the design a grounded, “always been there” feel that works with any architectural style.  You don’t need a “barn house chic” or “timber lodge” style to your living room to realize the design advantages of stone.

Stacked stone, designed intentionally, fits any architectural style or home design beautifully.

Add Accent Lighting To Your Stacked Stone Media Wall Design For An Even More Dramatic Look.

Combining stacked stone with a well thought out accent lighting scheme presents some absolutely stunning results. Grazing the stacked stone walls with carefully placed lighting plays off the stone texture and adds a dramatic glow to your living room or family room — it can take an entertaining atmosphere to a whole new level.

These lighting schemes are carefully designed custom projects that truly add value to your home and are almost impossible to achieve without a custom design and solid, up-front planning.


Here’s more inspiration for your stacked stone media wall dreams!

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2 Responses to Stacked Stone Media Wall Design

  1. John and Diane Vickers April 16, 2017 at 6:11 PM #

    We are interested in a 8’x9′ stacked stone wall with a 50″ Dimplex electric fireplace and 65″ Tv which of course we will purchase ourselves. We would like to make an appointment for further discussion,

    • Scott McIntyre April 16, 2017 at 8:25 PM #

      Hi Diane,

      Thanks for contacting us!

      Could I ask you to pop over to our inquiry form (click here) so we can gather more information about your project (including a photo if you like) so we can answer your question more effectively?