Bill C. — Some Very Thorough Feedback

Constructive feedback like this is so valuable to us. Customer feedback is about more than simply a pat on the back or a “job well done”. We place equal value on constructive reviews that honestly highlight where we may have fallen short. This enables us to review our process and to continually refine it.

DAGR asked for feedback, so I took some time to organize my thoughts.

You may find my perspective a little different from your regular customers, perhaps because I’ve been a business consultant for the past 25 years. No need to take my feedback literally. Only if you think about it and decide what’s best for you.

Thanks for any time and attention.

Bill C.


The single biggest impact on any business’ success is communication. This includes internal (all workers and teams) and well as external (customers and suppliers) communication. The best-run companies communicate ‘in perpetuity’, meaning frequently, concisely and timely. The three C’s of every business are Communication, Cooperation, and Collaboration. (everybody on the same page). DAGR does many things. There’s always room for improvement.  It’s the nature of any business.  Management has to decide if it is ‘closing a gap’ or ‘adding/upgrading a service’.

You might want to consider an outline format for customer feedback instead of getting ‘open’ comments. In this manner, you can control which topics a customer will provide feedback on. (this also helps customers recollect the process; in some cases, it’s an opportunity to sell the hidden value of DAGR by having them review the entire process)


  • All workers were very capable and knowledgeable.
  • Workmanship was very high quality. ( no shortcuts and well finished ).
  • Most workers were sociable and willing to engage the customer.
  • Leaders and supervisors were especially good at engaging the customer.
  • Answered questions promptly and succinctly.
  • Never any expression of frustration.
  • No question too small to answer.
  • From beginning to end (Travis to Glenn), things went well, in general, for us and we were very happy throughout.  (Yes, we are recommending DAGR to others)
  • The price quote was reasonable (compared to previous quotes) and included the anticipated value we were looking for with a few extra options.
  • Note: I realize we may have been slightly different than the normal customer since Travis owned our house at one time and we had already contacted him on some HOA problems we were having about 18 months prior to meeting him for DAGR.  However, at that time, we did not know of DAGR.
  • Probably a good time to mention that ‘structuring customer expectations’ happens in the initial sales conversations. As I have a lot of experience working with sales people in my career, I can say Travis is one of the best I’ve seen/worked with. In any event, ‘structuring customer expectations’ is critical to ‘satisfaction’, not necessarily critical to the sale (back end service satisfaction).
  • Designers’ plans, the process, the tools (CAD-CAM through Real Time review) were clear, timely, accurate and convenient. Designers were very accommodating and thorough.
  • When I asked workers (my own curiosity) about any “work in process”, they always answered me politely and completely.
  • Typically it was, “how does this work”, or “What’s the next step in this process”.
  • My attitude was that these guys know their job, so I typically stayed out of their way, however sometimes I was curious because I wanted to make sure I had given everyone enough information about what we wanted the end result to be.
  • Workers cleaned up daily. We were impressed.
  • Workers were very accommodating. e.g. careful about ‘walking through the house’ or not disrupting the dog, putting tools away, asking about using outlets for recharging batteries for tools.
  • Workers were always dressed appropriately and presented well (clean, did not smell (of body odors, chemicals or work related odors).
  • Invoices were typically clear and straightforward.Payment expectations were clear, timely and convenient.
  • Payment expectations were clear, timely and convenient.Additional Kudos to the internal support staff.
  • Additional Kudos to the internal support staff.
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